oldmandonner (oldmandonner) wrote,

I've got a job for you part X

After their last firefight and the constant banging and groaning that was coming from the other side of the recently barricaded doors the group of survivors was hesitant to go back the way they came. Fortunately, there was antoher entrance in the back of the room near where Wheels had landed. Emjay volunteered to scout ahead and report back with what he found. He stealthily made his way down the hallway and successfully took out two zombies with shots to their heads from his crossbow and discovered the sky walk that lead to the nearby botanical garden which was locked with a complex keypad. He quickly made his way back to his comrades and told them that the path was clear.

They followed Emjay's lead and stopped to see if there was any way to disable the lock and despite their best efforts could not disable the lock. They did however discover a note in a bloody fanny pack that belonged to an unfortunate guard. The note read that the pass code was kept in the security office on the first floor. They all swore vehemently at their discovery and pressed on followed the hallway towards the back of the museum. The hallway they were following reached an intersection with another that ran back to the front of the building where they could see a large group of zombies milling around. They wisely chose to move as quietly and as stealthily as possible while they took the long way around. Emjay took the lead followed close behind by the pair of Nigel and Dr. Jake. Detective Munch and Martin stayed a ways behind to watch their back and to keep an eye on the nearby zombies.

After the group dashed across the hallway they continued on their way following the hallway and glancing every once so often outside at the billowing cloud of smoke that exited the parking ramp. The scouting trio of Emjay, Nigel and Dr. Jake were about 40 some feet in front of Detective Munch and Martin when they heard the sound of zombies from inside of one of the locked exhibit rooms down the hallway.
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